Deathstars tour-dagbog #5

Deathstars tour-dagbog #5

Rejsen med Deathstars nærmer sig sin ende, men bandet må stadig tage et par shows mere før de må vende hjem til en velfortjent juleferie.


Day #28 Bremen 29-11-2011
Bremen Arena

Judging by the beer that comes out of this city we didn't really expect anything good to happen this day. NONE of us like the green Becks beer and honestly we've never heard about anybody who does. It's always the last beer left behind at party's. Well, despite from our spite of this horrible beer the day turned out really good. Comfortable dressing room and the show was a lot of fun. Can you guess how the night ended? Well, yeah everybody got wasted again… fun!

Day #29 Groeningen 30-11-2011

The great thing with clubs and venues in the Netherlands is that they are always nice and you get really well treated. We finally had time to put our stage clothes in the laundry machine which was well needed. They must have some really good coffee around here cause every time we are here people come back giggling after sightseeing around the coffeeshops. After the show we were partying with some aircraft mechanics who offered their services for us, if we only could remember where we parked the private jet.

Day #30 Strasbourg 01-11-2011

Really cool and good sounding venue. Our friends at VeramMnis Music showed up to take pictures during the show and to party… and what a party. The after show party was so hot and there was not ventilation anywhere. People where hanging out in the hallways and it turned out really messy. Cat and Till had a slapfighting contest and Cat actually did pretty good even though we all know who the winner was. (It was like Thor the thunder god hitting a little girl.)

Day #31 Luxembourg 02-11-2011

We've been to this venue a couple of times before, but then in the smaller hall. It's a very good sounding venue cause it's almost acoustically perfect built. Whip came back from the supermarket happier than ever with two plastic bags filled with vodka and gin, screaming: "It's super cheap here, you have to go and shop". And everybody did.
Since we now have been in Luxembourg three times and only have seen the venue and the supermarket nearby. It was really good that Skinny ran into a tourist guide later during the night who promised to show the band around next time we come here. Great success!

Day #32 Bochum 03-11-2011

Headlining show-time in Bochum. We've been here so many times before but never in this venue. Last time we were here the bomb squad came with the whole artillery, dogs and shit since it was a red alert bomb-threat. Anyway, we were really amazed when we walked in because of the nice stage, backstage and catering. We found out that it's really a legendary place for bands to play in and they celebrated 30 years as a venue a couple of weeks ago.
We had a really fun show and directly after our gig the place turned into a hip-hop/dance/techno party. Perfect for us that will say, we were dancing until our shoes were burning. Whip and Skinny hung out with some lawyers and bad ass criminals, which felt like a paradox that we can identify ourselves with. It was great.

Day #33 Düsseldorf 04-11-2011
ISS Dome

Day number one, maybe not the biggest dressing room in the world. But what the hell, we're playing a big f***ing stage every night so not really something to complain on in this kind of situation. I would like to talk so much about this night cause it really was one of the best party's we've ever been to. But for the sake of the 100 people involved it's maybe better not to. Like our busdriver Scott put it: "BEST NIGHT EVER". Let's us just say that it was a luxurious yet depraved "penthouse-party", in every aspect of it.

Day #34 Düsseldorf 05-11-2011
ISS Dome

Aouch! Bad hangover for everybody except from our lighting-guy Vinnie today. Everybody was bullying him for having a quiet night the night when everybody else had the most fun. It's really strange and bad for your mental health to be locked inside a small dressing room with a bad hangover. We thought we wouldn't be able to do the show at one point cause everyone was feeling really sick but amazingly when we got up on stage it turned out to be a really fun show and everybody got there energy back.

Day #35 Düsseldorf 06-11-2011
ISS Dome

Today it was lighting-Vinnie's turn to be really hungover. Apparently he had a good after-party at his hotel room. He only had two hours of sleep before it was time for him to check-out. He was still so drunk when he came back to the Dome that he was bouncing of the walls trying to find the "little" dressing room. We really appreciate that kind of behavior in a light-technician. I don't know how many people was at Vinnie's party last night but I could see a lot of hungover people in the crowd. This was also another successful party. Skinny was DJ'ing and Cat danced with everybody in the after party.