Deathstars tour-dagbog #6

Deathstars tour-dagbog #6

Vores tour med Deathstars er ved vejs ende. Her er sidste kapitel i deres tourdagbog.


Day #36 Frankfurt 07-12-2011
Day off

We parked the bus right next to a hotel not far from the Festhalle. We feared for our lives when we woke up in the morning because of the storm outside the bus, it literarily felt like there was an earthquake going on. Nightmare and Ewelina got a room and who knows what was going on in there. Skinny spent the whole day and night in the lobby trying to catch up on the tour diary and 100's of emails, while the dance captain of the Frankfurt Opera kept buying him drinks. Whiplasher went downtown to watch the El Classico game in an Australian sports bar. He joined up with some Swedish soccer professionals who promised to come to the show tomorrow. Then he got kidnapped by a cabdriver who took them to a sleazy vodka bar with naked ladies.

Day #37 Frankfurt 08-12-2011

We googled some of the arenas before the tour started and this was absolutely the one we got most excited to see and it didn't disappoint us at all. A hundred year old hall with the structure of an old train station, cool. The show was one of the best on the tour so far and the cause crowd was really into it. After the show Whiplasher's new friend Jessica Landström (forward in the Swedish national soccer team) showed up in a happy mood. And the party started again. Shirts off, dancing, pouring drinks all over the dance floor and ourselves… just an average night.

Day #38 Frankfurt 09-12-2011

We really thought it would be hard to top last night because of yet another successful party. But it turned out to be an even better night both on stage and at the after party. We've come to the point of the tour where the regulars at the after party's expect Skinny to DJ every night and we all know Skinny can't say no to attention or booze. Simultaneously in our dressing room the iPig was having a party for some people who despise the disco-hits that Skinny usually plays. Unfortunately the pig was working so hard this night that he was seriously injured. The next day he couldn't make a sound and we're thinking he'd be better of retiring from this tour circus.

Day #39 Stuttgart 10-12-2011

Woke up and the first thing we saw was this big-fucking-world-tour-snowboard-big-jump-thing, and the immediate thought was - what did Vice provide our driver Scott with - LSD? it wouldn't be a surprise. Anyway, on the other side was Porsche Arena Schleyer-Halle, and next to it a Palm Beach Sports Club. Perfect since it was Champions League, so straight after the gig - which was cool, sweaty and sexy as always - some of us went to Palm Beach, ordered Long Islands on big platters, but then it turned out they were streaming the game and the transmission sucked - so we left without paying the bill and then went bank to another hysterical backstage party with Rammstein. It never fails.

Day #40 Romagnano Sesia 11-12-2011
Rock n' Roll Arena

Our last headline show on this tour. When Skinny and Cat woke up in the morning they both go a Deja Vu, saying: "We've been here before". They recognized the parking immediately cause the did a show here in april playing guitar for the cult sleaze rock band VAIN. Well inside it turned out to be a mini festival going on this evening with 5 bands including us. Since we where playing last we struggled with not drinking too much before the show. It sounds silly but the biggest threat on tour is all the waiting, because if you're stuck in a dressing room with no internet and lots of booze you eventually gonna start drinking. Luckily we had some interviews and and friends from Milan showing up. The band right before us where a Finnish sleaze band called Reckless Love and we all really enjoyed watching them. Our show was a lot of fun but kind of punky because of bad monitors but the crowd was really enthusiastic. The night ended with a really decadent after party and we all agree on that Saso won the drinking contest this night.

Day #41 Zürich 12-12-2011

Definitely the smallest dressing room on this tour. The ceiling was not higher than 150 cm and the room was not bigger than 4 square meters. On the way to the catering we ran into Red Hot Chili Peppers who told us they where gonna play here tomorrow. We think that's why there was no after party tonight, because the venue wouldn't have enough time to clean up the mess we usually leave. Well, we never give up. We brought all the drinks we had and stormed Till's dressing room where family and friends where gathered. It only took half an hour and one bottle of Tequila before someone pulled the table cloth off the table with all the drinks on it and everybody started undressing, wrestling and hanging from the ceiling. Yay!

Day #42 Lichtenfels 13-12-2011
Day off

All pretty worn out from yesterday and trying to relax during the day, as much as possible. We all hung out in the hotel. Whip was really sick and rented the SPA and sauna, which even got him in a worse state. Nightmare also burned from fever and didn't do much for mankind this very day - well, he isn't much for mankind anyway. Skinny, Cat and Vinnie went to Paunchy Cats for some kind of crazy x-mas party with Jinx and the rest of the staff of the club.
We all agree that Vinnie won the drinking contest this night. We had to be 3 guys to carry him up to his top-bunk.

Day #43 Berlin 14-12-2011
O2 World Arena

Back in the O2 World. It's starting to feel like our second home. Two days ago in Zürich Whiplasher fell in-between the stairs on stage and hurt him self pretty bad but didn't think much of it. Today when he got dressed before the show we all noticed his bruising, mmm.. yummy!

Rammstein and crew took us out to a big Biergarden after the show where they fed us with food and drinks. Of course we couldn't end the night there when they closed, so we went to another bar called Nemo. Well in there, Skinny realizes that he doesn't have any cash and goes hunting for a Geld Automat. After a while he bumps into Christoph " Doom" Schneider and asks him if he knows where to find one. He says: No but I'll be your cash machine tonight" and hands Skinny a €50 bill. Big mistake, cause he spent most of it and needed help to find the way back to the bus from Whiplasher and a transvestite.

Day #44 Berlin 15-12-2011
O2 World Arena

Skinny spent most of the afternoon trying to puzzle last night together when someone reminds him about the loan from Christoph last night. So he walks up to Christoph in his dressing room and hands him the money and thanks him for the loan. He says: "what loan"? Obviously he was pretty intoxicated too. We really appreciate that kind of behavior in a headline act.

Everybody was super excited to do the last show and we used all the remaining energy on stage. This was absolutely the greatest show so far. Oddly enough everybody walked off stage with a lot of energy left. Of course we used that on the last after party.

Day #45 Going Home 16-12-2011
Traveling Day

With mixed feelings we woke up in the south of Sweden on the bus bound for Stockholm. The tour has been the greatest experience for us ever. Everybody treated us so well and we've really been in a good mood most of the tour. We've been so lucky that no one but Vice got seriously sick on this tour. We all fear the withdrawals and possible cold's, flues and other sicknesses that will come back to us now when our immune systems are really on it's knees. But it's gonna be so good to come home and get back to reality before the next leg of the tour starts.

A big thanks to Rammstein and Crew for all the help and for giving us the opportunity. Also thanks for all of you who joined up on the shows.

See ya soon!