Deathstars tour-dagbog #2

Deathstars tour-dagbog #2

Deathstars tour som support for Rammstein fortsætter. Her bringer vi andet kapitel i deres tourdagbog.


Day #6 Ljubljana 07.11.2011
Day off

Since Saso got robbed and beaten up the other night we stayed the night in Ljubljana so he could sort things out with his bank. We met up with our good friend Roman and the night ended with pivo and kebab.

Day #7 Zagreb 08-11-2011

Metal-Gym day. Everybody was in fitness mode. Vice was focusing on his pilates exercises. Nightmare was lifting beer cases. Whiplasher was working with his new machine "Shake Weight For Men". Skinny was doing sit-ups and eveytime he got up he could have a sip of his beer as a reward. We are very proud of Cat, he managed to lift his own bag in to the dressing room, it was his first time.

Day #8 Budapest 09-11-2011
Day off

Budapest is always a good treat for us. We started the day with shopping in the daily food-market. We really needed to stock up on more truffle-oil and paprika-powder. We did some sightseeing on a strip-club and hung out with nice and good looking employees who showed us the features of Hungary.

Day #9 Budapest 10-11-2011

Cool gig! Sold out, again. Our friend Biffen from Dunlop came by with a new load of strings and stomp-boxes. We have already come to the point where it's hard to separate the days from each other. We see daylight maximum 10 minutes everyday because of heavy partying, giant arenas with fluorescent lights and cold showers, just the way we like it.